Outdoor Bamboo Table
Outdoor Bamboo Table

Outdoor Bamboo Table

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Bamboo lounge table for our BAMMODULE lounge line. The table fits perfectly with the BAMMODULE-BACK and BAMMODULE-CORNER, and the three sections can be used to tailor seamless and relaxing seating areas, which easily can be designed to fit perfectly into your spaces. Place tables in between sofa sections or at the end(s) to create your very own lounge environment. BAMMODULE-TABLE is designed to fit perfectly at the end or in-between seating sections.

Our BAMMODULE lounge line is ideal if you want to make good use of your relaxing spaces. With BAMMODULE, you can create precisely the seating areas, you wish for, by mixing and matching the three sections, just like you want it, in your spaces. Furnishing plain flat walls, a corner, or even large-scale constellations, with several walls and corners, BAMMODULE provides a unique opportunity to design your own relaxing bamboo furniture landscape.

All sections include straps to fasten your furniture, and keep them locked together.

Standard delivery time 3-4 weeks


Material: Bamboo

Dimensions: 76 x 76 x H 29 cm