Dining Table Chunky Round Natural
Outdoor Dining Table Chunky Round +

Outdoor Dining Table Chunky Round +

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Beautiful and exclusive round table in pinetree in nature colour. The simplicity and Scandinavian design make the table easily integrated in a home, in the garden or hotel etc.

Chunkytabo140 is a part of the new Chunky line, that is created with the sustainable Accoya treatment. Accoya treated wood is sustainable, certified and Oeko friendly wood.
Accoya is a treatment of wood, which changes the technical properties and structure of wood, making it virtually impregnable. Water, rot and fungi can therefore, not penetrate the surface. These changes provide a type of wood, which is much more durable, while at the same time, requires much less maintenance and additional protection, e.g. coating.

The technological process behind Accoya treated wood, leaves the wood intact, without losing the beautiful features of natural wood in the process unlike other wood treatment methods– yet making it incredibly durable for construction. The result is a type of accoya wood that is being used for large constructions around the world. Take note, these chemicals are 100% natural, and already exists within wood. The process is ‘green’ due to this fact; nothing is used that does not naturally, already occur within the wood.

Dimensions: 140 x H 75 cm

Material: Accoya Pinewood

Available from 15.05.2020

Standard delivery time 3-4 weeks