Carpet Rugged Ocean
Carpet Rugged Ocean *EXPO

Carpet Rugged Ocean *EXPO

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Our carpet Rugged is the perfect translation from old to new. Although this vintage rug resembles a classic carpet, it is very contemporary. Made with modern materials and high tech techniques. This trendy woven carpet seems a sanded Persian rug, but is very soft and therefore more comfortable.

This item is eligible for shipping only within 50km of Marbella area in Spain


Machine woven carpet
Colour: ocean
Composition: 66% viscose, 25% cotton, 9% polyester

Dimensions: 200x300 cm (WxL)
Height: 6 mm

Note: This carpet has a soft pile. It can assume darker of lighter shades
when it is walked on or vacuum cleaned. Colour variations may also appear
when viewing the rug from different angles.